Writer’s Tools to Increase Productivity: Agent Query Tracking Form

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Schedule Change

First off, I’ll be changing my blogging schedule to better accommodate the time I have. Posts will go live on Tuesdays rather than Saturdays.

That being said, let’s move on to this week’s topic.

Querying Agents: Tracking Queries and Responses

Querying agents is time intensive. It’s also a game of patience. And, it’s a game of staying organized. My Agent Query Tracking Form will help you save time as you query your completed manuscripts to agents.

Clicking on this image will open the form.

I’m not going to go into how to query agents. While my MFA at Lindenwood University taught me a good deal about the process (writing loglines, writing query letters, researching agents, and more), and I’ve done a lot of research, I’ll leave this for a future post or for you to search the many resources out there.

This post is going to leap beyond the preparation phase and move into tracking your queries.

There are sites out there you may use to track your query submissions such as querytracker.net. However, many resources offer paid premium services, so the free version is a bit boiled down. In addition, I have a hard time trusting websites and resources to always be around: If I make the resource, it’ll always be there.

So, I went on my own for this part of my path to being published through the use a Google Form to track my queries. And, I’ll be giving you access to that form which you may copy and use for your own agent queries.

The Google Form

It took me three drafts to get this form right for me for me. There’s a lot of information that’s needed to keep accurate account of multiple queries at a time.

So, I’m going to end this post here. However, you may check out the form ahead of time, here’s the link (or click on the image): Chuck’s Agent Query Tracking Form.

Note that I turned off the “Collect Email Addresses” setting. In order to best use this form, that setting should be turned on, which I’ll also show in the next post.

My Next Post

In my next post I’ll go through the form page-by-page in a tutorial of sorts.

Author: Chuck Lang

Chuck Lang is a writer of science fiction and horror. Influenced by his years as a carpenter, four years serving in the US Navy, and his fifteen years teaching literature, he holds an MFA in Writing (Fiction) from Lindenwood University. After completing his first manuscript, the supernatural horror novel DEAD GODS, in 2019, he has begun work on its two sequels, DEAD GODS: INHERITANCE and DEAD GODS: RESOLUTION. He is currently developing two additional projects, an urban fantasy horror novel and a military science fiction novel. He lives and writes near the frequently flooded Red River in Fargo, ND with his wife and two redhead sons.

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