Dead Gods

As the chill of a Midwestern winter gives into spring, the dark will of the haunted town of Saint Andrew strands two young lovers forcing them to reconcile their guilty past of drugs and death or join the town’s eternally damned.

Orphan Angels

Tormented by apparitions of the damned, an abandoned addict is drawn to the haunted, Midwestern town of Saint Andrew where he must forgive himself as much as his parents or join them in hell.

Sacred Sin

When a thirty-something, hippie waitress grows tired of slinging 24-hour pancakes, the comfort of a one-night stand leads to torment in the haunted, Midwestern town of Saint Andrew where she must escape a fate worse than hell.

The Witch-hunter Chronicles

Pounding nails during the day and witch’s heads at night becomes mundane for an angry carpenter witch-hunter until he’s forced to wield arcane power to save a doomed child from her destiny before demons infest the streets of Granite City.

Harbinger’s Guilt

After murdering an alien diplomat to avenge a friend’s death, a passively defiant sailor of the galactic navy must choose between remaining a KIA fugitive or come clean as a traitor to end a decades-long, galactic conflict.