This 89,000-word, supernatural horror, DEAD GODS, combines the psychological nightmare of Andy Davidson’s In the Valley of the Sun with the painful memories and secluded setting of Riley Sager’s Home Before Dark.

After fleeing a life of drugs and death during the long winter of 1986, young lovers—Rhea and Eddie—become stranded in the haunted Midwestern town of Saint Andrew where they must reconcile their guilt or become part of the town’s eternally damned.

This is a completed manuscript.

DEAD GODS: INHERITANCE is the 90,000-word sequel to DEAD GODS that continues Saint Andrew’s story of personal horror and psychological torment with Rhea and Eddie’s son, Johnnie, and the town’s surrogate mother, Ruth.

Rhea’s son, Johnnie, searches for his lost father among the damned as he battles his own addictions and abusive anger while a two-hundred-year-old dead woman seduces him with dark promises of hope and love. Meanwhile—against her vow never to return—Ruth hopes to save Johnnie while battling her own, unresolved demons and those that inhabit the haunted, Midwestern town of Saint Andrew.

This is a work in progress.

This 90,000-word novel, DEAD GODS: RESOLUTION, is the prequel to DEAD GODS: INHERITANCE that concludes Saint Andrew’s story of personal horror and supernatural torment with Rhea and Didi.

Rhea returns to Saint Andrew filled with vengeance and a need for answers while Didi, consumed by hate and loneliness, tempts the damned into destroying Rhea’s self, drawing her ever closer to an end without end.

This is a work in progress.

CHRONICLES OF A WITCH-HUNTER is an 85,000-word urban fantasy horror novel that explores self-worth and morality likened to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and Alan Moore’s Constantine.

As a carpenter and witch-hunter, Travis must come to terms with his arcane powers and atheism to free a child from her doomed destiny in the demon-infested streets of Granite City while tolerating his mother and battling an equally horrible witch.

This is a work in progress.

HARBINGER’S GUILT is Chuck’s 100,000-word, military science fiction novel that weighs vengeance and truth like Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War and John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War.

After murdering an alien diplomat to avenge his friend’s death, Recruit Holloway of the United Earth Consulate Navy must choose between remaining a KIA fugitive or revealing himself as a traitor to end a decades-long, galactic conflict.

This is a work in progress.